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What is IMR?
The Matías Romero Institute is responsible for: I-VI
The Matías Romero Institute is responsible for: VII-XII
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What is the Matías Romero Institute?


The Matías Romero Institute was founded in 1974 to train Mexican diplomats. Thirty years after its creation, the Matías Romero Institute has become an institution of excellence and its presence, both national and international, has been strengthened.  Its classes, training sessions and refresher courses are designed mainly for Mexican diplomats and other officials in the Foreign Secretariat. Through Mexico’s programs of international cooperation, citizens from other countries have also taken part in these classes. Some have even participated in the Master of Arts degree in Diplomatic Studies. Through the Institute, the Foreign Secretariat cooperates with other nations in training diplomats.

The Institute also organizes and gives classes and certificate courses on current issues of international politics; gives conferences and seminars with the participation of national and foreign specialists; and carries out various events to explain Mexico’s foreign policy and international relations. Mexican academics and officials interested in international affairs, such as the diplomatic corps accredited in Mexico, participate in these activities.

One of the Matías Romero Institute’s main functions is to coordinate the evaluation process of the entrance and promotion examinations of the Mexican Foreign Service.

The Internal Rules and Regulations of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on August 10, 2001, states in Chapter 7, article 44 that: